Coming full circle

I’d thought I’d seen it all

I’d thought I’d served my time

But instead, each time it seems

There is something else new

For me still to learn

Something new

That when revealed

Blackens their once colourful souls


But I am a fool no more

Where once I might have

Given my heart freely

It now remains reserved

Unwilling to be touched

Until it has been heard

She knows her own worth

And she has only known

Such pain, so much so

She refuses to be hurt

In that same way again


But the fools come and go

Trying to deceive me

But none of them really get in

Because none of them

Really get ‘me’

They want to treat me

Like I am some whore

They cannot see

That I am a Queen


But this is just going

Through the motions

I know I will find the one

That is truly meant to be mine

But for the moment

I will play these games

But I will not

Suffer these fools gladly

Or believe that my search

Is in vain.




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