Straight from the heart

The contents in this section is taken from my old blog “Journey through a painful body and a depressed mind”, which I started in July 2011.  That blog was all about my where my mind was at whilst in the depth of depression and also battling with the onset of Fibromyalgia, spinal problems and Sciatica.  It definitely was not a happy time for me, but I coped as usual by writing about my thoughts, feelings and general view of life at the time.

All entries under this section are very honest and personal to me, but I am always a great advocate for speaking about the unspoken, and hopefully giving voice to thousands like me, who cannot find the words to express for themselves.

This was/is all part of my healing process, which is on-going. My dark days are not over, and my physical health has seen better days, but my life is not over yet!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy what you read.




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