My lovely creations

My lovely creations

This is where I have photos of all the lovely and different things I make.  This includes my artwork, decorative glass, beading projects, decorative items and so much more.

I love creating new things and learning new skills, and I have discovered that I am more creative than I thought I could be; as my imagination never runs out of ideas.  I enjoy updating, recycling and repurposing bought products, changing them into something more beautiful.

I am forever coming up with new and original ideas, which I then I put in practice.  Most of these creations are things I have done for initially for myself, but friends and family have liked them so much, I have made them as gifts for people.

I pride myself on being unique in my creations, and like to consider them as ‘art’, as I never make any item twice in the same way, so therefore they retain an original status.

I really value having my creations in other peoples’ homes, because in my mind, it is a little part of me that will be left behind…  Sx



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