Fast approaching 53

It’s about time

I be, who I’m meant to be

It’s time for change

I can’t move on

If things just

Stay the same

There is only one thing

That I am desperate for

And still it’s remains

Out of my reach

It would appear

That all the men I meet

Seem to think

They have a lesson to teach

But I am old school

Not quite

4 score and twenty

But of lets downs

And insincerity

Believe me

I have had plenty

I had spent

Way too much time

With the wrong man

And even though it’s over

I’m still paying for the crime

But now as I reach

The tender age of 53

I realise that

He has no hold on me

Of the shadows

That he left

I have no more need to look

I’ve wiped clean his pages

It’s time to start writing

A brand new book

When I became free

I embraced the life

That lay ahead of me

How little I knew

How troubled my road

Had intended to be

I’ve come of age

Once again

It’s time to break

My invisible chains

I am becoming

Who I am meant to be

I am still growing

And I still sparkle

At the tender age of 53


Sharon Carter-Wray

(20thJune 2018)

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