A little piece of me…

A long time ago

Something was stolen

Taken away from me

It might have seemed

Of no consequence

At the time

But that little piece

Put a roar and rage

So deep inside of me

The words

To bring me comfort

Have still yet to appear

But they are waiting

I can feel them

They are near

The fragment

That’s still missing

Is needed to make me whole

For I have questions

To ask it, like

Where did it go?

In spite of my age

It left a huge hole

Where darkness

Still prevails

And no light can reach

I have a need in me

That I don’t believe

I can fulfill alone

But he needs to

See my calling

Speak the same tongue

He needs to understand

From where I have come

To see the damaged structure

That lay beneath

To want to be the healer

To bear the golden key

To recognise that he holds

That tiny piece that I so need

To be given back to me

Sharon Carter-Wray


(1stmay 2018)

(A little piece of me that I so need to be released…)

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