Coming of age?

On the night

After tomorrow night

I will celebrate

My coming of age

Even though it’s all too late


I will be a woman

In the eyes of many people

I will be a woman

‘Who’s going places’

In the eyes of some

But in the 21 years since my birth

What have I really done?


I have done remarkably well

At nothing

I have achieved

No particular goal

If they could see me on the inside

They would know

They have lived 21 years

With a stranger

I do indeed think too much

For my own good

And stay hand in hand

With misery

Far more than I should


After 21 years

What can I say about me?

How many changes

Have I gone through

To arrive at this?

How many people

Have passed through my life?

How many have stayed?

How many influenced my thinking?

How many left me unswayed?


In two nights time

I will be surrounded

By the family and friends

That form part of my life

The good ones, the bad ones

The happy and sad ones

But how will I feel

When the party is over,

And they’ve danced

The last romantic song?

When they have all gone home

And my special night

Is over and done?

Sharon Carter-Wray


(7th June 1986)

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