Decorated Fairy lights – Boys

Decorated Fairy lights – Boys

I was asked last minute by a friend to make a gift for a small boy who was being Christened.  I have to say that the majority of things I make, are usually for girls and ladies, so it was a refreshing change to do something for a little boy.  I had a set of fairy lights and loads of bright coloured feathers, so I set to work creating something colourful, that would be lovely in any girl or boy’s room.  Sx ❤️

Fairy lights - Boys

Decorated fairy lights – Boys 1


Decorated fairy lights- boys
Decorated fairy lights- boys 2


Fairy lights - Boys
Decorated fairy lights – Boys (In situ)


Fairy Lights – Boys

Standard set of 20 (plug in) fairy lights

Coloured feathers

Electrical and floristry tape

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