Decorated hearts: Large dome heart

Decorated hearts: Large dome heart

I have done so many different styles and sizes of decorated hearts, as each one is as unique as the individual they’re made for.   Unfortunately, the store only had the one and I have not been able to find others like elsewhere.  But when I found this particular large dome heart, I instantly knew, it was time to do one for myself.

My decorated hearts are usually slightly domed on both sides, and can be hung anywhere with a supplied hook, but this one hangs flat against the wall.  Where this was so much bigger than my normal heart projects, I used 2 lots of LED lights, instead of two, as well more than double the embellishments.

LED lights are hand stitched to the dome, and then I threaded pink ribbon through in a random manner.

Hand-cut paper and shop bought embellishments, add a little sparkle and colour.

Had a fabric flower ribbon in my box of goodies, which I separated and added coloured and sparkly centres.

Large dome heart. Main image
Large dome heart. Main image

The finished article…

Decorated hearts: Large dome heart

White wicker 1/2 dome heart

Measures approx : 18 H x 16 W

Decorated with paper and fabric flowers, and sparkly gems.

2 x 20 Battery operated LED fairy lights

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