Feeling blessed

There have been many times

When I have felt nothing

But lost and alone

Even in times when

Many have surrounded me

I never understood the feeling

Or why I had such

Pain in my heart

But I have been lacking

Such a sense of belonging

Looking for something

That I will only find in myself


But now, I know

That I am truly blessed

Answers to my questions

Were always within me

Even at the moments

When I have been so weak

But a bright and beautiful

Future lay ahead of me

The horizon is looking

Hopeful and clear

The dark clouds of

Anger and regrets that

For so long have

Hung above my head

Are now nowhere to be seen

Instead, all I visualise is a

Much happier version of me


Sadness, had embraced me

So close and warm

Loneliness, was its company

So soft and forlorn

I made myself believe

That what I gave so willingly

Without a moments thought

Would somehow

Want to come back

But I was wrong, so very wrong

Only because I believed

That what I ‘wanted’

Was the same as my ‘need’

But now, I know that

I am truly blessed

For I want or need of nothing

That has a price

Or for anything in fact

That demands a sacrifice


I have no constraints

No shackles binding me

Unbeknown to my sadness

My cage was opened

And I am indeed free

With every breath, I take a step

To finding out

Who and what

I was really meant to be

My wings have healed

My resolve is strong

And my angel’s in heaven

Are there to encourage

And inspire me to carry on

For now, I know

That I am truly blessed

Because, I have my free spirit, and

My inner strength


Sharon Carter-Wray

(30th December 2017)






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  1. I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love in what you just wrote. Am happy right now.
    Again such a beautiful black women writing a beautifully black write up… Lol…. Just kidding…

    Enjoy miss sharon

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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