You look at me

And see me strong

You took my smile away

And simply moved on

You spat your words

So spiteful and unkind

Each one of them hit me

Full of anger and pure lies

If you could have struck me

I am sure that you would

But you didn’t take the chance

In case I’d fight back

And left you for good

You were so sure

That you could break me

Bring me down to my knees

Strip away all my goodness

Also my liberties

You whittled me slowly

Right down to the bone

Taking everything I had to give

And still

I gave you much more

You left me almost empty

You drained me to my core

But the little I had left

Was just enough

To scrape myself back up

From that God forsaken floor

So you thought

That I was fragile?

So easy to break and weak

You thought you had won

But my darling

You were so very wrong

Sharon Carter-Wray


(9th February 2018)


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