Getting ready to fly

Getting ready to fly

I stand here

Feeling like I’m on the verge

Of something amazing

As though something

I have wanted to come about

Is literally, just around the corner

But what I don’t know

Is what it is


For a while I visited an old dark place

That was oh so familiar in my mind

That like the true friend

When all else have gone

Remains to stay behind

But it was merely a visit

No longer a place I wished to

Dwell in or hide

It was just the memory of

The woman I left behind


Though many parts of her had slowly died

There are just as many that still thrive

Much as I was broken then

I had just enough glue

To put me back together again

Still beautiful and sparkling

But not so new


I know I’ve grown, there’s no doubt in that

But how I have done so,

Is what most will never understand

I have grown fresh wings, that are ready to fly

To new adventures and the far-off horizons

That are way, way up high


I’ve called in no favours or asked for help

I’ve had no one to lean on and have cried no tears

I have walked alone on my journey

That has lasted for so many years

On my hands and knees, I made it through

Getting hurt plenty along the way

But knowing, it was something

I just had I do


I have worked hard, to get my smile back

I have left no stone unturned

While searching for the lessons

Life had told me I still had to learn

I’m still broken

But in a much different kind of way

And though I’m good at ‘mending’ others

With the simple truths I say

All too often in my mind

My life has been in ‘pause’,

‘Rewind’, ‘action replay’


I must kerb my kindness, stop looking back

I must stop expecting to hear the word ‘thanks’

To be praised, acknowledged

Or receive that pat on the back

My soul has run on empty

For far too long

My heart is bursting with love to give

But no longer will I won’t waste it

On someone who is wrong…


Sharon Carter-Wray

Mon 6th April 2020

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