Gypsy on the move

Here, at the end

Of another road

Again reminded

Of what I call home

There is no great sadness

Or indeed glee

But there is a feeling

That I know I must leave

So this is it

Another empty room

A life packed in a dozen boxes

Ready to move on

The life seems fuller now

Containing more and more

Just as I have grown

Blinded in darkness

Until it’s enclosures have burst

Letting it’s colour be born again

Into a new kind of light

But something always

Is familiar still

The searching need

To resolve

To belong

To stay

To settle

To feel at home

A final resting place

That my worldly goods

Seek as I much as I

Would dry the well of tears

And fill the hollow pit

That cries out from inside

There is no great sadness

I knew it was sure to come

To leave a place

Where at least my light had shone

Breathed life

For the other to feel the glow

But now it’s time to move on

I know there is a new horizon

That I, me and all my

Worldly goods do surely belong


Sharon Carter-Wray

(23rdJanuary 1993)

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