I am not that girl

I’m not the girl

I used to be

Too many things

Have marred my

Innocence and purity

The view point

That I hold of the world

Has been gained

By seeing with my eyes

And using my ears

But more than that

I have learned

By the injustice

And the mental cruelty

That has been shown to me

Life has given me

Many lessons to learn

All presented

In a manner left to confuse

With questions

But no answers

Just a need to conclude

Never have I asked

“Why me?”

And never will those words

Ever come from me

I have been moulded

By my search for love

And I have been worn down

By so much loss

Not just by death

But life itself

As pieces of me

Are stripped away

Leaving me bare

Naked and alone

But in spite of that

I am still strong

Still a warrior

Still fighting on

Whatever it was

That was holding me

Right now

I am indeed physically free

In mind, in spirit

Of all those chains

That have entangled me

My past, is where should be

In a box that grows

Smaller every day

Hidden out of sight

So it doesn’t get in my way

All the anger and hurt

And the painful truths

That had once

Weighed me down

Now form the sparkly pieces

That I wear as my crown


I am not the girl

I used to be

She is just a distant memory


Sharon Carter-Wray


(27thApril 2018)


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