I have no more tears to cry

How much hatred

I hold inside for you

That years of memories

Still keep strong, real and alive

I shall allow you

To burden me no more

For you have had your time

And oh what damage

You have caused

That you have never thought of

Or even know

I have no more tears for you

For you can hurt me, no more

I have lived with your guilt

For far too long

And once again, that guilt

Is solely yours

What forgiveness can there be

For what you have robbed from me?

And why indeed,

Should you expect it?

As you probably feel

That of all that

Is no longer a part of me

But I remember, only too well

And this is your damnation

So why shouldn’t I tell?

Though the years

Have grown me old

The child inside me

Still remains, or at least

The one that I can recall

She is still so much a part of me

She still makes me whole

And she, if anyone of us

Is the bearer of your soul

So may your shame

Be your best friend

And may your guilt

Drive you hard

And may your memories of me

Haunt you, ’til you die

For I have no more tears to cry.


Sharon Carter-Wray

(27th September 2003)


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