I thought you were my hero

You were supposed to be my hero

To think only of saving me

But instead you only saved yourself

Your ‘own’ me

I pour my heart out

In hope of some kind

Of recognition

Some understanding

But you always turn the tables

Making it all my fault

Why do you find it so hard

To take any blame?

Did I not fulfil

My side of the deal?

I am here for you

As always

Even though

It’s me that needs to heal

Yet you pour salt on my sores

With your bitter thoughts

And the callous words you say

But, I am not her

And she, is not me

So treat me differently

In each other

We surely seek a strength

Someone to hold on to

Share our tears

Cling to, when we can’t

Control our fears.

But my love,

Where are you now?

What happened

To the man I know?

You were supposed to be my hero.


Sharon Carter-Wray

(23rd November 2003)


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