I’ll fly away

I lived upon a dream

That carried me so far away

Each thought, went speeding across my mind

Without a pause to reflect on its existence

What does it all mean?

When distant friends just say hello

When once we meant so much?


Each day passes without a second thought

Not really caring what happens tomorrow

Or what happened yesterday,

Yesterday had long passed

And the future seems to hold

No sweet memories

What happened to the happy life

That we all so patiently await?

Or have we already missed it,

Like the summer days we used to cherish so?


They all seem so easily satisfied

But what is wrong with wanting more?

Each one just falls into place

To form another digit

On the number that tells

How vast we are

We are all strangers to so many people

But yet, we happy that way

Being of so little importance

To our neighbour

No one cares about not knowing

The neighbour but one


Everyone’s too busy

Trying to sort their lives

When they do not know

That it has already been planned

Why not just sit back

And let it take place,

And try and enjoy

What there is of this dreary life?

Dreary as it is

We still say: “Praise the Lord”

Each morning when we awake

But, it’s all just taken for granted

If we do not awake, how do we know

That we do not live,

And that it is others who breathe

That are dead?


As we sail, we remember

Those cherished summer days

And hope

That soon they may return.


Sharon Carter-Wary


(15thJune 1985)

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