I’ll know

I do not wish to know

What love really is

To have it defined in words

Would surely remove it true value

I’ll know what love is all about

When it comes to me

No sooner, no later

Maybe now, maybe then

Who am I to wait for it?

Or ask when?

I’ll know when my heart explodes

Sending tiny pieces glistening

From the inside to the

Outside of my soul

At the mere thought

Of being near the one I love

I’ll know when my days are filled

With a pure need to be with him

And my nights lonely dreams

If he were not there

I’ll know when my free spirit

Is no longer frightened

Of being shared

And my inner strength

Fears not being looked into

Through the windows

Of my sparkling eyes

I’ll know when I have no need

To ponder his need of me

And more so

When I seek no answers

For my silent questions

I’ll know when making love

Is not enough for me

To feel truly close to him

Because I’ll know

There will so much more

To be close to

I’ll know when it happens

For I’ll never ask myself

How long he’ll stay in my life

Because one day I will look back

And it would have already happened

So no words can define

What love is to me

Because when it comes

I’ll know


(15th January 1991)

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