Keep going

Keep going

Even though the road ahead

May seem tough

Don’t listen to your thoughts

Telling you

You’ve had enough

You are stronger

Than you know

And by pushing harder

You will grow


Keep going

Though you might

Want to give up

Your journey’s not over

And neither is your life

Take empty the cup

That needs filling

And over flow it with love

Give more than is needed

And you’ll get it back


Keep going

No matter what

Even when it feels like

You’re down on your luck

Be smarter and braver

Than ever before

Compose your ‘self’

Take the first step

Breathe it in

And walk through that door


Keep going

You still have much to learn

And if you believe in that

Then you’ll know

That the Phoenix that rose

Was never really burned

Sharon Carter-Wray


(5thJanuary 2019)

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