Let me feel it

Don’t talk to me of passion

Of your wants and needs

I don’t want to know it

Don’t speak it

Let me feel it


Don’t send me your private photo

The one meant to send me wild

I don’t want to see it

Don’t show it

Let me feel it


Don’t whisper of kisses

To my neck and all

Those intimate places

I don’t want to hear it

Don’t whisper it

Let me feel it


Don’t flirt with me

On the other end of the phone

It’s no good if I’m alone

Don’t do it

I don’t need it

Let me feel it


Don’t make promises

That you can’t keep

Don’t make them

I don’t need them

And I don’t want to be teased


So don’t share with me

What’s on your mind

I don’t need your words

Or your dirty thoughts

Don’t share it

I don’t need them

Let me feel it


Sharon Carter-Wray

(3rd March 2018)



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