I am more of a friend to you

Than you’ll ever know

In all these years

I have brought laughter

Into your life

When you needed it most

And when you wanted

To shed your tears

My shoulder has always been there

If you wanted to speak

I have been your ears

When you needed something to batter

In your verbal temper or rage

I have taken the brunt

Of your every blow

When your life

Has been filled with gloom

I have given you flowers

To colour your days

Never have I turned

My back on you

Or walked away

When you have been

Hurting inside

I tried to take a share

Of your pain

Though you may not know this

I have always been there

Many times you have hurt me

Cut me to my soul

By denying me from

Any place in your heart

But never have I once

Complained saying that

I deserved to be there

Many times you hurt me

By your cold

Unthoughtful words

And never have I replied

In the same way

To hurt you back

Many times you have hurt me

When you talk of me

Like some casual acquaintance


If that is all I mean to you

Then I am more of a friend

Than you’ll ever know


Sharon Carter-Wray


(30th October 1990)

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