Read me like braille

Close your eyes

And surrender to

Your other senses

Unfasten your mind

And visualise me

In another way

Say nothing

As your fingers travel

Over every dip and curve


From my response to you

Hear if we are in tune


Every part of me

Listen closely

To the gasps I inhale

Breathe me in

From the sighs

That I exhale

Let your fingers

Slowly glide over me

As you read my skin

Like braille


Sharon Carter-Wray

(23rdJanuary 2019)

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  1. What a lovely, sensuous poem. Gives one goose-bumps imagining 🙂 You are a strong women and it’s so good that you’ve found the means to see your way through. I, for one, will be reading more of your work,,, all the best,,,

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I really do appreciate it. Sx 🙂

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