I did not want the flower

That I picked

It just seemed beautiful

At the time

I needed the colour in my life

But not the bloom

Someone else I’m sure

Needed it much more than me


But I plucked it

I held it

And it was beautiful

Until the dream faded

And the petals fell

Leaving me with

Nothing in my grasp

Except an empty smile

That still belonged to me


I should have known

Just to look at it

Leave it

Where it had sprung

But the temptation

Grew too much

I had to take it home


For just one moment

It made me smile

For just one moment

It made me feel alive

And now it is dead

And so am I


The rain came

And washed it’s beauty away

And left me

With the memory

Of something I never had

It was never mine to hold

It belonged to some other

Whose tears of missing it

Will breathe new life

On it’s return

Sharon Carter-Wray


(29thNovember 1990)

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