Remove your mask…

This is a piece of word art that I have been wanting to do for years, again the words are very important to me, and it is now hung up in my home in as place for all to see!  Sx 🙂

Word art: Remove your mask 2

Painting the letters

Word art: Remove your mask 3
Laying out the lettering
The final caption
I had originally added texture to the mask and then painted it gold.
Word art: Remove your mask 6
Decided to gilding a try for the first time, and was really pleased with the results.


Word art: Remove your mask

Measures 12 x 16 inches

Using white board on hardboard

1.5 inch wooden letters painted in acrylic gold

Board painted with multi-coloured acrylic paints

Formed plain plastic mask, embellished to give texture

Gilded with gold leaf

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