Seasons – moving on

AutumnAutumn slowly changes

Silent, shifting phases

Content among things that are now dead

Kicking once green leaves

And watching freedom in the skies

No troubles are near

Trees are bare

Just like my empty mind

My insides are hollow

Something is definitely missing


Winter brings desperationsWinter

the feeling of utter loneliness

All around me is cold

Warmth is absorbed in the wind

Time is creeping near

Decisions to make

Pressure is rising

Reasons to regret

Ideas to forget

Nothing is easy now


Spring there is happiness in the air Spring

But not within my soul

New life appears

New hopes perhaps

Wanting and needing

Crumbling dreams reverse

Taking things day by day

All in the month of May


Summer the sun shines on my heart


Another digit added to my life

Youth is no longer my maiden name

But age is now my first

Childhood friends now turn their backs

And maybe sadly wave goodbye

My last entry in my diary

I can now turn the page

On that period of my life.


Sharon carter-Wray

(June 1984)

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