Secret journeys

I have found once more

The inner child of my soul

That I had believed was lost

So many moons ago

I look upon my mirror

And I see the reflection of my youth

Surrounded by the halo

Of her inner spirit

Where did she really go?

Did she ever leave at all?

Was I really so different then,

Was she?

The halo, I still grasp within

Thought faded might be the glow

That like my dreams

I will never let go

Still I travel upon

The complex network of life itself

Willing me to reach for more

Just like the woman/child

That I still hold inside


And now,

Sits the woman she became

Still so many miles away

Upon her secret journeys

Drifting from one destiny to another

Still hoping to find the right one

Holding on to her dreams

As if they were made of glass

No tenderness too great

To save them slipping from her grasp

And what of the dreams

She so blindly carried

Do they still bear the same values

As before?

Or did they like her

Also grow?


Sharon Carter-Wray

(26thDecember 1992)

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