The footprints you left behind

The footprints you left behind

Still tread and trample

Across my troubled mind

Your dirty feet left

Heavy prints in the sand

That I tried to wipe away

Using my bare hands

The track marks lead

Straight to my heart

But now you have no part

In a place you once belonged

Because you left it in the dark


And though that love has gone

And I feel for you no longer

In spite of that

Somehow it made me stronger

Memories I hold of you now

Are not so sweet, because

I was burdened by your weight

Whilst standing on my own two feet


The time we shared

Cost me very dearly

Your footprints left burn marks

Both mentally and physically

That scorched and scarred me

Quite severely


I don’t want another

To tread your same path

I won’t let another

Cause more damage to my heart

I am glad it was only

Your footprints that you behind

Because as time passes by

You’re being erased from my mind

Sharon Carter-Wray


(25th March 2018)


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