The sound of loneliness

Loneliness is not silent

It is the sound of

Music playing in the air

Stealing my senses

And lifting my soul

Carrying me far away


It is the sound of

My busy mind

As new ideas come into life

Lovely things all handmade

Creations made to delight

If it all falls into place…


It is the sound of

Birds singing their songs

The tunes you seldom hear

The type my noisy head

Does normally drown

It’s lovely just to listen

With open uncluttered ears


It is the sound of

A sewing machine

Gentle humming with each stitch

As my mind wanders

Tying up loose ends

With every cut and every snip


It is the sound of

Dogs quietly snoring

As I tap away at my keys

As words and thoughts

Of many kinds

Slowly drift away from me


It is the sound of

An artist paintbrush

Gently stroking the page

Giving something colour

That was once a

Dark shade of grey


The sound of loneliness

Is not silent for me

It is the sound

Of all the things

I’ve come to love

That bring me

Actual peace.


Sharon Carter-Wray


(26th march 2018)

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