They’ll never understand us

I still think of him

From time to time

He sends pulses

Shooting across my mind

Yet another failure

In a different guise

Why oh why

Did he tell so many lies?

I had looked at him

With dreamy eyes

Still asking questions

Between my sighs

I had too many doubts

My fears proved right

It always happens too late

Will I ever see the light?


They soak up all the glory

Of having all my love

They are captured by the romance

Of roses and white doves

They wonder if I am a maiden

With innocence in my eyes

Or if I am a mermaid

Who teases and ties

They are stunned

By an inner magic

Which is beauty in itself

They wonder how I got myself

On that too high up a shelf

To them, I have

Many romantic notions

Too many out of reach dreams

Because they don’t believe in them

They are dismissed

As useless schemes



On a bright starry night

The moon does reflect my glow

But the reasons for my mystery

Is something

No man

Will ever know

Sharon carter-Wray


(30th April 1986)

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