This is my time, my moment

I have been feeling it

For some while now

The beginning

Of a new journey

Is on the horizon

A change of mindset

Is in view

It’s time to action

And do, what I must do

I have been held in chains

By obligation

By promises that were made

Made with best intentions

Though no words

Were said

But now I must

Simply walk away

I gave it all

My best shot

Rebuilding tumbled walls

Comes at a heavy cost

But there is no one

To take my hand

There is no one

By my side

To ease the burden

That weights my mind

The anger and frustration

I have withheld

Now has a voice

So loud and so clear

Even the deaf can hear

But this is my time

This is my moment

I can feel it

As my sparkles

Begin to rise

This is my moment

To once again shine

Sharon Carter-Wray

(13thJuly 2018)

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