Unicorn carousel lamp

A friend asked me to make a lamp for a new baby, and this is what I came up with. Sx 🙂


The completed lampshade


First I had to cut out loads of little paper butterflies in bright colours, and stuck two together over fishing line, to give them a ‘flutter’ effect


Found these plain little wooden unicorns, and painted them in a rainbow style using metallic paint and glitter.


DSC_0560-1.jpg           DSC_0562

Took a long time to do as it’s so fiddly, but the end result is cute, because it moves so well makes it look like the unicorns are dancing.

Unicorn carousel lampshade

Made using:

Recycled lampshade frame and left over lamp

Cut out paper shapes, multi-coloured beads

Pre-cut wooden shapes and fishing line

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