Voices from the heart

Come to me good spirit

Break this spell

There’s no charm left

In this wishing well

I gave it no pennies

I dropped only pounds

But alas the paper

Makes no sound


There is a man

I have wanted so long

Will you good spirit

Tell me where I went wrong

He’ll not come back

Though I think

He holds the key

Tell me, is he the one

That can set me free?


I have done my wrongs

But, I am paying the price

Will this forever be the

‘Story of my life’?


I try so hard

But it does no good

Is he still in my grasp?

Or is he my past?


The dreams I had were

Short and sweet

Of how and when

My love and I did meet


My dreams are only questions now

Mainly filled with

Whats and whys

Because I know not

The reasons

I do nothing

But cry each time


Good spirit

Does he laugh at me

For being some fool

Having no sense

But giving airs as if I do?


Is he making it harder for me

Because of previous rejection?

I had wanted him so much then

And crave him still

But I fear his once desire

I may have killed


The pain I go through

For the love of one man

Is it really worth it?

I have shed my tears

And felt the usual sting

In my heart

And still I go on


The memory though bad

Is still too sweet to forget

Oh spirit

Help me to decide

Do I go on?

Or do I break my stride

And turn away like he?


We hurt each other’s pride

We did each other wrongs

But how do we forgive

When we don’t want to apologise?


The story still goes on

With sorrowful looks

And silent words

But a light still burns inside

Keeping those feelings alive


(1st April 1986)

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