Was I in love?

Was I in love?

Was I close to falling?

Or was I simply mistaken?

I have been so guarded with my heart

For fear of being abused yet again

That I had closed all entry.


But then

Someone came into my life

Woke me up,

And made me feel alive again

Sadly it was only

For a brief moment in time.


When he left

He took a piece of my heart

And my hope along with him…


It is so rare for me

To find someone

That I have such an

Affinity with

And I fear how long it will be

Before I find another.


I am filled with emptiness

A feeling I’ve not known

For some time

It has clouded every

Aspect of my days


He is still so present in my mind

In my dreams and in my heart.

I doubt he even knows of

The wounds he has inflicted

Or the scars he has left behind…

That are still so raw to touch.


(12th October 2017)

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