Why can’t you see that I’m still crying inside…?

Why can’t you see

That I’m still crying inside?

That this lovely face

Has learnt to hide

Life’s ‘cruel’ side?

Beneath this skin

I am a mess and a mass

Of shredded ribbons

Each tendril sending

Messages of pain

Signals that can’t be stopped

From reaching my brain

It is indeed a surprise

That one that once

Stood so tall should crumple

But it’s battered and bruised me

So black and blue

Anyone with this condition

Is sure to crumble

Each day I carry on

Be the best I can be

But one day this will

Get the better of me


Why can’t you see

That I’m crying inside?

To look beyond my smile

And see the unshed tears

Hiding just behind my eyes?

I am a tower of strength

But I was forced

To become that way

But my beautiful face

Full of charm and grace

Has learnt to tell a lie

Because you fail to see

That I’m still crying inside

Sharon Carter-Wray


(1stmay 2018)

Fibromyalgia – fighting the unseen enemy!

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