You walked away

Do you have any idea

Just how much you hurt me?

Each time you forget

To just think of me

I feel so gutted

So empty inside

And it was so easy to do

I left myself open wide

I am so helpless, and so weak

I can cope with the absence

But not when we don’t speak


You’re hurting me

More than I can describe

But only because

I believed in you

And the depth of your love

But even though

You say you still care

You still turned your back

And walked away


I’m blindly chasing

All those pieces again

I don’t know why

I’m holding out for you

For any other by now

I would have left

Standing alone

Still smarting from the sound

Of my painful truth


But a part of still believes in you

Even though you so callously

Let me down

We both have just as much to lose

But you are breaking my heart

With disappointment and frustration

All rolled into one

And I don’t know

If I could ever forgive you

For what you have done


Sharon Carter-Wray

(3rdApril 1993)

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