Your moment has passed…

You were only

Meant to be

A moment in time

Not a full length

Feature in my life


You were only

Meant to be a chapter

A few short lines

From the book

Where nobody looks

That holds my story


But instead

You took up way

Too much space

Inside my head

And crushed

What I called my own


As though they came from me

In so little time

You tried to weave

Your poison words

Trying to hide them

Secreting them in mine


So for a while

They became about you

My own words

Becoming futile

Falling on deaf ears

Just because

You didn’t want to hear


But now,

You’re moment has passed

Because we all know

What is meant to be fleeting

Is not meant to last


Sharon Carter-Wray

(Weds 7thNovember 2018)





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