You’ve held a piece of my heart

You’ve held a piece of my heart

Warm and beating

In your hands

You didn’t know it

For what it truly was

You didn’t understand

Once a part of my life

A part you will always be

Whether it be physical

Or just dusty memories

I gave you that piece

To see if you’d care

If you would nurture it

As precious as it was

Or watch as it slowly died

To then just fade away

I gave it to you willingly

No demands were made

Everything of value I have to give

Has no price attached

It is all given for free

I showed you my kindness

I showed you my grace

Whatever I’ve shown you

I’ve only worn the one face

You held a tiny piece of me

A fragment from my heart

Though small in size

It played a huge part

I had hoped that you

Would care for it adopt it as your own

But instead

You’ve toyed with my feelings

You dismissed my worth

While the rest of my heart

Beats on…


Sharon Carter-Wray

(Weds 24thOctober 2018)

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