The dating game

Where have all the good men gone?

You know, the one’s who are

And behave like gentlemen

The single (?) men

I come across

All seem obsessed with sex

In any shape or form

If I’m happy to

Just spread my legs

Then they’re happy

To perform


They’re super confident

Talking of sex

Behind the comfort

Of their screen

But put them to the test

Of meeting me

Then lo and behold

They’re nowhere

To be seen!

A fine collection

Of ‘dick shots’

And disappearing acts

Is all I have gained

Never asked for one of them

But they were sent

All the same


Perhaps at my age

I should be saying thanks

Maybe I should be grateful

For being used for a wank

But seeing such things

Being talked to that way

Does nothing

Doesn’t matter what they say

They are all cowards

Using dirty talk

Trying to have their way with me

If only that were enough

I could be a busy girl indeed!


But how can I

Take them seriously?

Thankfully my humour

Keeps me trouble free

One step ahead of their plan

I don’t want to know

How good at sex they are

Or how they aim to please

Because on a first date

I’m not giving guarantees


It would seem that

Sex is negotiated

So there’ll be no surprise

But it’s not a guys’ dick

That puts the sparkles

In my eyes

Maybe the ‘dick shot’

Is meant to seal the deal

But it’s the last thing

I want to see or need

And I’d go to a butcher

To get my fresh meat


If only they knew

That the photo seals their fate

There’s no way on earth

I’ll meet up for a date

If only they could see

That how they talk

Is really what matters

To me


Sharon Carter-Wray


(20thMay 2018)














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