Something brewing?

Another stormy day

When the ocean causes that

Uncontrollable rise and fall

Within my soul

What is it that unsettles me so?

Here inside this place

That holds apart of my history

An angry face of someone

I used to know

Is once again remembered

And lonely tears are welled

Ready to be shed again

For pain that can be felt no more

Winter’s brewing in my mind

Once more

Bringing with it a chill

To edge my heart

Stopping the flow of true colours

From reaching out, and touching

Another’s pale cheek, drawing

Releasing new life, new warmth

To calm someone else’s ocean

At one time, in another place

Maybe another world

I dreamt I heard, that someone

Calling me,

Whispering across their

Stormy waves

Trying to touch something inside of me

Who ever it was

Didn’t reach me

But I know somewhere

They are still crying out

Across their ocean

Maybe one day, I’ll be there


Sharon Carter-Wray

(7th September 1990)

Who am I?  Who are you?

In a world

Where technology prevails

How little we know about each other

In a time

In which we know about everything

How little we know

Of our individual purpose in life

How little we understand the meaning

Of our every movement and gesture

How shallow –minded we are,

If we are not prepared to dig

And find out, what we really are

And what makes us what we are

Instead of accepting things at face value

And building superficial characters

Surely we should make an effort

And learn to love each other

Not just one person

But millions of others

Who we can also appreciate

So we can all share

Other pains, joys and sorrows

And we can share our riches

And our poverty

But instead we are selfish

With our emotions and our wealth

And only a chosen few

Will benefit from our lives

And our memories die with our bodies

No one shall know

What we really wanted to say and do

We are all so undervalued

So underestimated

So under loved

So under everything

But yet we satisfied

And do not ask

Or hope for more.


Sharon Carter-Wray

(May 1978)

Note: I can’t believe that I actually wrote this, aged 13 some 40 years ago, and sadly it is still so true of our world today…  Sx 🙂


Why should it be

That while I feel so happy

My sadness still

Overshadows me?

This is what I wanted

This is what I had

For so long prayed

And now that I have it

I feel so dismayed

Tears from my

Oh so deep well

Rise into my eyes

If I should be so happy

Why do I have

The need to cry?

Sharon Carter-Wray


(9thJanuary 1991)


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