I am not your plaything

You come to me

When you feel the urge

When you have that

Burning need for me

That can only be soothed

By what you hunger for

Between my thighs


Your desire and urgency

Has only one goal

And how you reach it

Doesn’t always include me

Your touch does not inspire

Your kisses leave me

With no desire

And as for passion

It is short lived

And soon expires


And when you’re done

You leave me feeling

Used, cold and alone

Lacking the heat

From my internal fire

I want to hear my body sing

As soft fingers play

A tender tune

Running up and down my skin


I want your kisses

In places I can’t reach

I want to be lost in the moment

Not lost in regret

I want to reach heights

I have not felt yet

So you see my darling

I have needs too

Needs, that are not

Being fulfilled by you


Sharon Carter-Wray

(22nd February 2018)

Sex is so 1, 2, 3…

Whatever happened

To the art of making love?

Everything is so rushed today

Everything is so fast

Is it any wonder

Why brief sexual liaisons

Never really last?


I can’t keep up

With such a quick pace

I don’t know

How to make love in haste

The very thing

That should feed me

Leaves me empty

Hungering for more

As secretly I roll my eyes

Having become

Yet another score


Anonymous sex

Quickly dispatched

No names or numbers

No strings attached

What happened to passion?

To spending some time?

Not like in the porn films

That only desensitize

Going through the motions

Of being used like a porn star

I’m supposed to be ‘Baby doll’

And scream “f**k me hard!”


Sex has become

So one, two three

It would appear

I have no other mystery

I’ve ticked a box

I’ve struck another notch

Maybe it time to move on…

Sharon Carter-Wray


(24thApril 2018)

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