I am my mothers’ child

I am my mothers’ child

As I myself, begin to grow old

And reflect on my mother’s passing

I realise just how amazing

She really was

And the legacy she left behind

She did not raise us to be

Weak-minded souls

Nor she did bear us

To not achieve

Or reach our goals

She gave us what

Our father lacked

Or seemed unable to bestow

She filled us with

Good advice,

And told us stories of old

That spoke of a lesson

Of being wise,

Said in a way

Only she could have told

The message always

Reached home

Maybe because there

Was always laughter

In her own special way

We learnt about life

So much faster

I’d like to think

That I’ve ripped a page or two

From my mamas’ book

I see myself in her so much

The way I handle things

My patience

Depending on my gut

Being independent

Honest and forthright

Having integrity

And being naturally kind

But it has taken a whole life

To understand

I am indeed my mothers’ child

Sharon Carter-Wray

(25th March 2018)


Mama hold me close

The way that as a child

You would

Help me build my dreams

Then climb the mountains with me

And let me bathe

In the reflection of your pride

Share with me my fantasies

And tell me that

You once had them too

Did any of them ever come true?

Send my troubles away

By blowing a kiss

And when I receive it

I’ll make another wish

For both of us to share

Tell me again, the fairy tale

So that all around

Is make believe

And when I get frightened

Tell me it’s just a dream

So Mama, hold me close

The way you used to do

Wrap me up in your tenderness

And shoo away my tears

Teach me your wisdom

So that I may

Confront my fears


Sharon Carter-Wray

(31stDecember 1992)

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