Don’t tell me show me

Show me a man

That will really love me

And I will show you

My inner self


Show me a day

That isn’t truly beautiful

And I will show you

The meaning of ugliness


Show me a person

That claims to have no feelings

And I will show you

Their heart


Show me a reason

Why man and man

Cannot live as one

And I will purify this earth


Sharon Carter-Wray

(30thApril 1986)

The wonder years

Whatever happened

To the wonder years?

Of innocence?

Of young love?

Of things to cherish?

They slowly slipped away

Before my very eyes

I relished each new dream

As an old one died

There had been

So much to learn

In those tender years

Little did I know then

That they would be

So much more

Childhood friends

Young shy and secret love

And the loss of value

From my innocence

When suddenly

It was taken from me

What happened

To those wonder years?

Those I still treasured

From my yesterdays

Once the product

Of many pointless tears

Though the time has gone

The memory will still remain

Because it is the shadow

Of who I used to be

And want to be again

Sharon Carter-Wray


(26thJune 1991)

I think I’m drowning

Reach out and touch me

Take me by the hand

Save me from drowning

And bring me safely back to land

It is shallow waters

Yet they seem so deep

It always seems that way, but

I could have saved myself

If only I had stood up


Sharon Carter-Wray

(4thDecember 1985)

Life is simple…

I hear so many people say

That life is so hard

Or life is so complicated

But it’s not true

Life is simple

In truth life is

Breathing in and out

Eating food to nurture us

And drinking water to sustain us

It’s what we choose to

Attain for our selves

It’s the materialistic gains

That we feel we must have

It’s how we choose

To see our neighbour

That’s what complicates life

That what’s makes it difficult…


Sharon Carter-Wray

(9thJune 2018)

Oh Boy!

Talk to me

Kiss me

Touch me

Kiss me

Feel me

Kiss me

Touch me

Talk to me

Kiss me

Undress me

Kiss me

Lay on me

Oh boy

Even sex is routine!


Sharon Carter-Wray

(24thNovember 1985)


Losing my balance

Sometimes I feel

So out of control

So lost in my thoughts

So uneasy in my soul

Words yet to be said

Always come to mind

That aim to unravel

To soothe and unwind


I am lost in the motion

Caught up with the

Ghosts from the past

Still showing their faces

Even when they’re outcasts

I stand on two feet

Firmly rooted to the ground

But my arms are


Still reaching for stars


My head is spinning

But here I still stand

Staying out of reach

Of the many wandering

And clutching hands

They’re still trying to pull me down

So that I cannot shine

Inept at saying kind words

They would rather just lie


Empty of encouragement

Completely void of love

How I kept my balance

Was literally by chance

For I have something in me

That cannot be moved

A simple, unbending

Faith in myself

And my simple truths

Sharon Carter-Wray


(3rdMarch 2018)


In order to sort

Anything in your life

You must first

Create the chaos!

Sharon Carter-Wray


(9th May 2018)

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