You look at me

And see me strong

You took my smile away

And simply moved on

You spat your words

So spiteful and unkind

Each one of them hit me

Full of anger and pure lies

If you could have struck me

I am sure that you would

But you didn’t take the chance

In case I’d fight back

And left you for good

You were so sure

That you could break me

Bring me down to my knees

Strip away all my goodness

Also my liberties

You whittled me slowly

Right down to the bone

Taking everything I had to give

And still

I gave you much more

You left me almost empty

You drained me to my core

But the little I had left

Was just enough

To scrape myself back up

From that God forsaken floor

So you thought

That I was fragile?

So easy to break and weak

You thought you had won

But my darling

You were so very wrong

Sharon Carter-Wray


(9th February 2018)


Thank you!

Hey there readers,

Thanks to all of you who responded to my cry for help the other day.

I realised that what I actually needed to do was to walk away from it for a few days, and then revisit it in a much calmer and relaxed state of mind!

So that’s what I did and hey ho, today everything is back on track, and I have much clearer idea of what I am doing!

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a good day!  Sx 🙂


Because I am still his

He came to me again

And I like a fool could not resist

His every kiss

Or his touch that I missed

So very much

He came to me again

Still with the twinkle in his eye

The sort that said

He couldn’t lie

He knows I remember

The last time

I remind him so often

But still he tries

He knows that I will always

Give into him

He knows there is no other

That no matter how much I fight

I am still his


It pained me to know

What I had done

After I had done

I forced back tears

Knowing I had done wrong

Not wanting him to make me cry

To know how much he hurt me

A second time

He will never be mine

It would be a foolish

Dream to hope

But he satisfies

That ever present

Need in me

Even if only for

A very short while


He came to me again

Because he knew

I would be there

Waiting for him


Because I am still his


Sharon Carter-Wray

(29th December 1986)

A new dawn

There is a new dawn

Rising within me

I never thought

That I would feel like this

This overwhelming

Sense of contentment

Fills me to my brim

The time is right

And the time is right now

I knew it would come

One day

And I have waited a long time

I have always know

That when it happened

I would be so happy

That everything

Would fall into place


The feelings of relief

That are suddenly

All mine

That bring tears to my eyes

To remind me

Of the pains I bore

To get here

All I want is to

Stay here forever

Ride along on that wave

Until it takes me onto

Another new dawn

Where I hope to find

A new height of ecstasy

To raise me even higher

Than I feel right now

Nothing can compare

To the happiness and the joy

That I hold inside of me

For it is mine alone

Because it is my dream

And no one else’s to share

If only everyday

Could be the same


(9th January 1991)


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