I’m done

Every man that has been

Or is still in my life

Has abused me

In some way

Physically, emotionally

Or mentally

They have all

Had a part to play

Whether it be my mind, body or soul

It seems there is no end

To the goodness in me

I have been tested

Time and again

I have been made

To feel at fault

Because I value

My own feelings and

Give myself some worth

And even though they can see it

And they know it

They know not

How to appreciate

What stands before them

To them

I am an object

Of sexual desire

I am a means to an end

I am the agony aunt

I am a problem solver

I am the emergency call

But what do I get

In return for doing it all?

For the selling of my soul?

It has become an empty virtue

This kindness in me

But it has served

No purpose other

Than to further

Invalidate me

I can never be the winner

I have lost

Before I can begin

I have been foolish

I have been naïve

Because I believed

They cared for me

But really it was

Because I fulfilled their needs

But now

I am done

I’ve stopped

Drawing the lines –

They’ve been moved

Too many times

This is it

I will not accept

This practice anymore

And for anyone else

Who chooses to

Belittle or reduce me

Who uses or abuses

Mark my words

Nice girl has gone

And I am done.


Sharon Carter-Wray

(13th July 2018)


The simple truths

Once I would

Have hidden my pain

Disguised it within

The words I chose to say

But now I have

Courage on my side

My simple truths

Can no longer hide

I have learned that

My past cannot hurt me

And the memories

Are just in my head

But rather than

Still hide them

They need to be said

Words are my weapon

But also my shield

And ever so slowly

I shall be revealed

I am a simple soul

With very simple needs

But now I have the tools

To release and speak of

My very simple truths


Sharon Carter-Wray

(30thMay 2018)



I used to think that I was so big

I used to think that I was so big

That my shoulders were too broad

My arms too strong

That somehow

I was too big to love

That I was much bigger

Than the average woman

Because I am tall

Because I have stature

And because I am so bold


This was the image

That was in the mirror

Always looking back at me


But now I really see myself

As being so slight

So delicate and fragile

Made up of everything

That is soft and kind

And so easily broken

Look closely

And you will see

My best asset –

My beautiful silky skin

But look closer

And you’ll notice

All the tiny cracks and scars

That have taken an age to heal

As they endeavour to disguise

The pain that

I really feel inside


Please do not confuse

My confidence for strength

Because I really am

Quite weak

But this is the face

That you would rather see

And just like my armour

I have learnt

To always wear it well

To bear the weight

Like a true queen

Even though

It is slowly crushing me

Sharon Carter-Wray


(17thDecember 2017)

Losing my balance

Sometimes I feel

So out of control

So lost in my thoughts

So uneasy in my soul

Words yet to be said

Always come to mind

That aim to unravel

To soothe and unwind


I am lost in the motion

Caught up with the

Ghosts from the past

Still showing their faces

Even when they’re outcasts

I stand on two feet

Firmly rooted to the ground

But my arms are


Still reaching for stars


My head is spinning

But here I still stand

Staying out of reach

Of the many wandering

And clutching hands

They’re still trying to pull me down

So that I cannot shine

Inept at saying kind words

They would rather just lie


Empty of encouragement

Completely void of love

How I kept my balance

Was literally by chance

For I have something in me

That cannot be moved

A simple, unbending

Faith in myself

And my simple truths

Sharon Carter-Wray


(3rdMarch 2018)

Letting go

I feel so much richer

Having let some people go

Even though things

Just shouldn’t be so

I have cried few tears

I have felt no pangs

I am glad to have

Released them

Somewhere out there

Some place they belong

I don’t know what

They felt for me

But I know it wasn’t love

By letting go

I have freed my soul

And now she flies so free

If only I’d know sooner

That doing this

Was in fact the key!

Sharon Carter-Wray

(2ndMarch 2018)

Let’s begin…

Let’s begin

The process of letting go

Of laying those ghosts to rest

Let’s begin

By leaving the heartache behind

And watch them fly

Let’s begin

By taking a big breath in

Knowing I can only do my best

Let’s begin

By wiping the slate clean

With tears already cried

Let’s begin

With a blank sheet of paper

To write a new life story…

But this time,

A happy one

Let’s just begin again

 Sharon Carter-Wray

(4thJanuary 2018)

The Liberation of Sharon Carter-Wray

Right now,

I feel as though

I have just emerged

Through the other side

Of such darkness.

A place I had been for years,

Sinking, lower and lower,

Feeling, darker and darker.

I, have been surrounded by people,

Who didn’t see ME

Who had no idea of the private Hell

I was going through

All on my own.

Or in fact, the pressure

That they added to my load.

But then awhile back

I, started to really take note of myself,

The people around me,

The situation I was in

And the fact that I was so unhappy

So miserable and so depressed

I had forgotten how to smile

And I felt like this

All the time

My body was racked with pain

From top to toe

I had to use my walking sticks, every where

There was not a part of me that didn’t hurt

In spite of me not doing anything for it to

And then very slowly,

And with the help of my Lady

A woman I will never forget

I began to realise

Just how much stress

I was constantly enveloped by

The sad thing is, is that

It wasn’t even my mine

Or even stress that I had created

it did not belong to me

In any shape or form

It was other peoples’ baggage

That they brought to my door

Every conversation that I had

Was with someone who leant on me

For support, or had something to share

Every phone call, contained even more

Misery, pain and tears

And to every friend that I turned

The story was the same

It was only then, that I realised

No one noticed me

No one saw my pain

No one could imagine my pain

No one could feel my pain

Sympathy was in short supply-

Empathy even less

Even though that was not

The medicine that I needed

I felt so sad

I was so full… of loneliness

And sorrow

But yet, I hid it all

So well behind a smile

My lady,

Helped me to see

That it was not really others

Who were to blame

It was me

Self-harming in a virtual way

Every time,

I took on someone pain

I was cutting myself

So deeply with their words

I was giving them my permission

To make me feel worse

That day,

I woke up

For the first time in years

That day,

I opened my eyes

And took a good look

At what I had become

And it scared me

Somewhere, along my path

During my journey, through the darkness

I had lost myself

I had lost sight

Of who I used to be

And suddenly I missed her so much

She had gone quiet for a long while

But I hadn’t even noticed

When she had left

I just knew she wasn’t

By my side

I have always called her

“My Free Spirit”

And every now and then

She would sparkle,

Just enough to catch my eye

letting me know that

She hadn’t left me completely

Every time I caught a glimpse

I felt stronger inside

As I grew stronger

I became angry

The angrier I became

The more I knew that something

Had to change

In fact, not something

But someone

And that someone…

Just happened to be me

So, with the help of my lady

I set about my task

Ever so slowly I dismantled myself

And removed the tired mask

I gathered all the damaged pieces

And put them back together

Just like a jigsaw

One thousand tiny pieces

Of my life

It didn’t take long

Before many pieces

Showed them selves not to fit

Somehow they didn’t belong

Where they had used to be

Was now occupied by

A different shape entirely

That is when I saw the answer

That is when I finally understood

That though the pain still lingers,

My smile is now true

“My free spirit”, hadn’t left

She had been saving me

Nurturing all my missing pieces

Until she felt that I was finally ready

To be set free

Sharon Carter-Wray

(1st September 2013)

This was originally posted as “The liberation of inner me”, but I have made a few changes in particular adding my own name.  This is a very important piece to me, but at the time when I first posted this, I wasn’t really brave enough to use my own name.

 But it is written about me, and my personal journey, but at the same time I hope it speaks to others.  Sx 🙂

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