When there’s nothing left to say

What happens when

The words have run out?

When there’s nothing left to say?


What happens when

The love is lost

And there’s no reason left to stay?


What happens when

You turn your back

And simply walk away?


What happens when

You want to hurt me

And can’t see past my pain?


What happens when

You can’t look at me

With eyes full of shame?


What happens when

It’s time to part

After you’ve stepped on

My already broken heart?


What happens when

Enough is enough

And there’s no point

Left to this game?


What happens when

I’ve given up

And there’s nothing left

For me to feel or say?

Sharon Carter-Wray


(3rd march 2018)



Facing reality

And even though

Good health

Is not on my side

My face at least

Wears a genuine smile

Sharon Carter-Wray


(17th April 2018)


What freedom means to me

3 years ago today

I started my life over

My mind returned

Back to a time

When I was young

And starting out for new

With fresh eyes and

Anticipation in my veins

To begin a life on my own

Void of anyone’s reins.


3 years ago today

I left a life behind

That had suffocated me

By it’s strangling out

The last tolerant breath

I had withheld

The one that had

Finally woken me up

That made me realise

Enough was finally enough


3 years ago today

I woke with hope in my heart

I was looking forward

To the new life

I was about to start

I knew it would not be easy

But I had to try

And in spite of my illness

Knocking me down

Today I still manage to fly


3 years ago today

I think on the life

I once had

And the damage that man

Caused to my mind

I may have looked broken

But I was nothing

Of the kind

I didn’t need convincing

That I was right to say goodbye


3 years ago today

All that I had lost

That had been absorbed

In another’s storm

Returned to me

Undamaged and whole



3 years ago today

I wrote myself a new story

With many blank pages to fill

And chapters made of hindsight

Penned with ink

Made from old cried tears

That no longer sting


3 years ago today

I know, I did indeed

Take a chance

To choose my happiness

Instead of his

But if I hadn’t

These words

Would never have appeared

This rose

Would never have bloomed

If I hadn’t

I wonder if

I would still be here.

Sharon Carter-Wray


(17th April 2018)

Happy anniversary me, you did it!

The darkness within

There is a darkness

That dwells so deep

Within me

It has not seen

The light of day

For many years

It echoes with

The silence

From the rage

That has since

Been calmed

By time passing by

But the fury

That it cleaves to

Is wild

It can still be seen

Cavorting in my eyes

Sharon Carter-Wray


(19th January 2018)

Tell me this

How come I don’t get an angel

Unless I go to heaven

But can live in hell with the devil

Even before I die?

Sharon Carter-Wray


(5th March 1990)

Fresh blood

The wind of change

Has breezed through

And changed it’s course

Making me turn

Another corner

To see things

From another side

Pride and self-respect

Have kept me in check

For longer than I care

And all I can ask myself

Is why and what for?

Whom does it really serve?

Not me

It has only helped

To keep me on my own

To preserve my solitude

To nurture my reluctance

And goad my unwillingness

To take a chance

But, aren’t I the one

Who normally chants

To all women to embrace

Their inner beauty and power?

Isn’t that me?

So what the hell

Am I doing with mine?

I already know

What part of my future holds

So I need to make the most

Of what fresh blood

Is still out there

While I can still taste it

Whilst it’s so readily on offer

After all

What do I have to lose?

And does it really matter?


But I must be the one

To make that choice

It is not for

Others to choose

The silenced words

From many years ago

Still ring in my ears

Now I really understand

What that man

Wanted to me to hear

Sharon Carter-Wray


(10th August 2017)

You don’t know what it takes…

You don’t know what it takes

To be me,

To walk in my shoes

With painful feet

To stand so tall

With back straight

Hoping and praying

That I won’t fall


You don’t know what it takes

To be strong

To paint on a brave face

And wear a genuine smile

Just to face a world

That doesn’t want to see

What’s happening inside


You don’t know what it takes

To get back up

After tumbling so far down

When all my body wants

Is to lay there and be still

But my mind won’t give up

And nor does my will


You don’t know what it takes

To start over

At such a ‘ripe’ old age

To leave behind an entire life

To shoulder all the blame

To walk away and turn my back

Never to tread

The same path again


You don’t know what it takes

To be gripped with pain

From top to toe

Every. Single. Day

To forget what normal is

And be grateful if

Nothing else nasty

Comes my way


You don’t know what it is

To do without

The things you take for granted

To get up and walk

To stand so tall

To be so strong

To have fallen down

To become alone

To get back up

To be in pain

And still be thankful


You don’t know what it takes

To be me

Sharon Carter-Wray


(26th March 2018)

The footprints you left behind

The footprints you left behind

Still tread and trample

Across my troubled mind

Your dirty feet left

Heavy prints in the sand

That I tried to wipe away

Using my bare hands

The track marks lead

Straight to my heart

But now you have no part

In a place you once belonged

Because you left it in the dark


And though that love has gone

And I feel for you no longer

In spite of that

Somehow it made me stronger

Memories I hold of you now

Are not so sweet, because

I was burdened by your weight

Whilst standing on my own two feet


The time we shared

Cost me very dearly

Your footprints left burn marks

Both mentally and physically

That scorched and scarred me

Quite severely


I don’t want another

To tread your same path

I won’t let another

Cause more damage to my heart

I am glad it was only

Your footprints that you behind

Because as time passes by

You’re being erased from my mind

Sharon Carter-Wray


(25th March 2018)


All of me

I come as a complete package

What you get

Is what you see

You can choose to have nothing

Or have all of me

Sharon Carter-Wray


(26th March 2018)



I owe you one!

To all the people in my life

Thank you

Keep doing, what you’re doing

Because of you…

I have grown

Sharon Carter-Wray



Fast approaching nowhere

Life plays funny games

You may think

You have walked a mile

Until you look back and see

That you have only come

A few paces

We all aim for that light

At the end of the tunnel

But we do not know

That we are walking

In the wrong fashion

One step forward

Two steps back

So each time we look ahead

The light

Grows smaller and smaller

Until eventually

We are plunged

Into darkness

Sharon Carter-Wray


(15th March 1985)


Oh My!

Just saw this and had to post it! 🙂

Sharon Cart-Wray

I am thankful! Sx 🙂


I don’t want to forget about me

I have lived on a shelf

For far too long

Never, have I asked,

“Who put me there or why”?

But now that I do,

I am convinced it was down to me.

Either, for my own protection

Or because, it gave a better view


I have watched a lot of life unfold,

I have seen inside some empty souls

All the drama, the words, and

The bad decisions made;

The love, the lies, the deception

And my futile cries

I have seen a lot, but,

I have felt even more.

But each new event

Was bottled up, scrutinised

And then stored.


I can only see it now,

Because I came off that shelf,

It became a lonely place to be.

My God, it took that long,

For me to understand

That my life was really ‘missing’ me

I had played the game,

With grace and integrity

But like a bystander,

Watching from behind the scenes

I knew there would come a time,

When I had to take the lead


So with a good dose of self purpose, and

The great desire to save my own soul,

I have set out once again,

Intending to make myself whole.

My collection of memories

That had caused me so much pain,

Gave me the reasons and the courage

When it was time, to walk away.


Broken as I was, and fragile as I still am,

The most gracious thing I did,

Was to embrace all the blame.

My heart is still aching,

But my mind is so clear

Never will I go,

On that shelf again

Sharon Carter-Wray

(13th January 2015)


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