Because I am still his

He came to me again

And I like a fool could not resist

His every kiss

Or his touch that I missed

So very much

He came to me again

Still with the twinkle in his eye

The sort that said

He couldn’t lie

He knows I remember

The last time

I remind him so often

But still he tries

He knows that I will always

Give into him

He knows there is no other

That no matter how much I fight

I am still his


It pained me to know

What I had done

After I had done

I forced back tears

Knowing I had done wrong

Not wanting him to make me cry

To know how much he hurt me

A second time

He will never be mine

It would be a foolish

Dream to hope

But he satisfies

That ever present

Need in me

Even if only for

A very short while


He came to me again

Because he knew

I would be there

Waiting for him


Because I am still his


Sharon Carter-Wray

(29th December 1986)

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